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Benefits of our training programs

The best instructors have designed the most motivating learning paths for you.

Practical approach

Our training is designed to provide the skills in a practical approach. Engineers' success is our best asset in showing the quality of our training.

Learn by doing

Hands-on, learn by doing trainings led by our expert PE trainers who have extensive experience in the industry as well as in RISA programs. 

By Engineers. For Engineers

Our courses are designed to ensure you gain maximum proficiency in as little time as possible, so you can be an expert in RISA.




Learn by doing

Save time


Expert instruction

Do the vast features and choices within RISA products leave you feeling swamped? Finding yourself dedicating too much time to solo learning of these programs?

Our meticulously designed courses are tailored to ensure you achieve mastery in RISA software swiftly and effortlessly.



Here's what previous trainees have to say

RISAFloor Training

"The topics covered were just right. The instructor gives a lot of practical knowledge quickly, and the recordings are priceless for reviewing at a later date."

RISAFloor Training

"It really helps speed up your understanding of how RISAFloor works. It taught most of what I self-taught myself over 2 months in 3 hours. Definitely worth it for companies wanting to train their employees in the software."

RISA-3D Training

"I really liked the pace and suitability of the lessons. The instructor demonstrated many features clearly that I had never used or understood before."

ADAPT Builder Training

"The follow along videos are great. Really helped make the topics stick. The smaller length videos have been helpful in revisiting specific topics."
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Frequently asked questions

What is RISA Learning Center?

Welcome to the RISA Learning Center, your comprehensive hub for mastering RISA products! Dive into our detailed tutorials, engage with live virtual courses, explore on-demand content, participate in webinars, or get customized training to meet your company’s unique needs.

Who is the RISA Learning Center for?

Our Learning Center caters to everyone! Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned engineer looking to deepen your expertise in RISA, we've designed our courses to empower all levels of learners in mastering RISA software.

What types of training classes are available?

We have several offerings:
  • Step-by-step tutorials
  • Live virtual courses
  • On-demand courses
  • Webinars
  • In-person regional trainings

Plus, for those seeking a tailored learning experience, our Custom Training is designed just for you.

Are there any free training materials?

Absolutely! Jumpstart your learning journey with our free tutorials, crafted to optimize your understanding and application of our software. We're committed to regularly enriching our library to support your growth.

How much do the paid courses cost?

Our paid courses range from $50 to $450, tailored to fit a variety of learning needs and budgets. For detailed pricing information, visit our Courses page and find the perfect match for your learning journey.

Why aren't all the courses free?

Our commitment to delivering the best quality courses involves a dedicated team of licensed Professional Engineers (PEs) who specialize in crafting and conducting comprehensive courses, including live and in-person training sessions. To sustain the efforts of this expert team and ensure the continuation of our offerings, we charge a nominal fee for our more involved courses. This approach enables us to maintain and enhance the caliber of training you receive.

What is your refund policy for paid courses?

Our refund policy varies by course type, including live, on-demand, and in-person offerings. For detailed information on refunds, please refer to the specific course page you're interested in. This ensures you have the most accurate and up-to-date policy details.

Can these courses be counted towards professional development hours (PDHs)?

Yes, all our paid courses offer PDH certificates.

How can I get help with specific questions about RISA software?

For our valued RISA customers, assistance is readily available via support@risa.com. If you're new to our community, welcome! Please direct your inquiries to info@risa.com

How can I provide feedback or suggest topics for future courses?

Your insights are invaluable to us! Each course concludes with a survey where we eagerly await your thoughts and suggestions. Feel free to also share your ideas directly to training@risa.com